Puffy Pony® - Blonde

$ 6.99

Mia® Puffy Pony® is a patented styling tool that puffs up your ponytail over the rubber band to conceal it with your own hair. Gather hair into a ponytail with the Mia® elastic rubberband provided. Hold the ponytail straight up and insert the Puffy Pony into the ponytail behind the rubberband. Let hair fall over the Puffy Pony. For a pretty chignon, tuck ponytail end into the Puffy Pony teeth. 2 pieces included: 1 styling tool and 1 Mia® Metal-free elastic rubberband.

Measures: 3 inches long x 2.5 inches wide.  

Color: blonde 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maribel Hilpert I
Like it a Lot

I really like this hair tool.

Long Time User

I have been using Mia Puffy for a long time. The teeth finally broke after a few years so I got another one.

Elza Pacocha
Works great

Works as described. Thanks.

It Works

This is a volumizing tool to puff up your ponytail over the rubberband. It works for me but I have curly hair and medium length hair. If your hair is really long it probably won't work.

Emir Palacios
Works Well

I love this tool. It works well in my wavy hair. I would not advise it if you have slick straight or real long hair. I don't think it would do what it is supposed to do in that type of hair.

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