Smart Brush™ - Gray

$ 13.99

Mia® Smart Brush™ is a wet hair detangling and styling brush. It is eco-friendly and bio-friendly with a flexible design system that is less damaging to the hair.

Features + Benefits:

  •  bio-Smart - it is made out of all natural biodegradable plant starch
  •  eco-Smart - it will break down in compost in 1 year and in landfill in 5 years decomposing into water and carbon dioxide
  •  Smart-Flex Bristles - flexible nylon bristles detangles wet hair with less tearing and damage to hair
  •  Smart-Flex Body - flexible body creates less tension on hair and allows for easy cleaning
  •  Smart Design - ergonomic double curve for comfortable grip + it massages scalp

Measures: 9.0 inches long x 3.0 inches wide x 1.25 inches high

Color: gray 


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