Puffy Pony® - Medium Brown

$ 6.99

Mia® Puffy Pony® is a patented styling tool that puffs up your ponytail over the rubber band to conceal it with your own hair. Gather hair into a ponytail with the Mia® elastic rubberband provided. Hold the ponytail straight up and insert the Puffy Pony into the ponytail behind the rubberband. Let hair fall over the Puffy Pony. For a pretty chignon, tuck ponytail end into the Puffy Pony teeth. 2 pieces included: 1 styling tool and 1 Mia® Metal-free elastic rubberband.

Measures: 3 inches long x 2.5 inches wide.  

Color: medium brown

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Customer Reviews

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Works Well

This works really well in my medium length wavy hair!

Miss Mireille Casper
Great Invention

This is a really great invention. Is Mia the only company who invents new hair tools?

Ethelyn Mueller
Great Invention

I have been using this for years. Great invention Mia Beauty! I heard that Goody copied it and infringed your patent. I will never buy from them again. The store buyers should be ashamed of buying knock off from people.

Felicity Witting
Work Great

This works great on my hair. Thank you Mia Beauty people.

Jedediah Daniel
Great Tool

The Puffy Pony is a tool I have been using since Mia invented it. It works best on curly or textured hair so do not buy it if your hair is straight.

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