Poofy Pony®

$ 8.99

Mia® Poofy Pony™ is a patent pending ponytail volumizing tool. It is one of our best-selling hair styling tools. It has helped hundreds of women who have lost their hair due to age, child birth or cancer to finally be able to make a ponytail using their own hair. Go from a thin to a thick ponytail in seconds with Poofy Pony!

Instructions: gather hair like starting a ponytail. Insert the Poofy Pony into the center so that the hair is surrounding the Poofy Pony. Twist the Poofy Pony in the hair to anchor it. The teeth will rest against the scalp. Wrap the elastic rubberband around and over the hair and Poofy Pony up against the teeth to hold it in place.

One size fits all. 2 pieces included: 1 tool and 1 Mia metal free elastic.

Measures: 1.25 inches diameter

Color: tortoise


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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Jerod Howell
Best Ever

This is by far the best styling tool ever. It is easy to use and it makes my pony look ginormous.

Edith Metz

Finally one that actually works! Thank you Mia Beauty!

Cesar Stroman
Super Easy

Like all tools, you have to get used to using them. Once you can hold this next to you head and stretch the rubber band over it, it is super easy. It makes my ponytail look so full too. It is worth every penny!

Easy to Use

It is SO easy to use and it works. Just wrap the rubber band around the Poofy. Hair is spread around it first. I am shocked that some of the reviews have a hard time getting it.

Little Tool Gives BIG Results

This little tool makes my ponytail very BIG! I love it.

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