Thick Braidie® - Light Brown

$ 9.99

Mia® Thick Braidie® is a 1/2 inch wide braided headband made out of synthetic wig hair. The braid is attached to an elastic rubberband. The synthetic wig hair acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting one's own hair color.* Braidies are classic and timeless. They can be worn any time of the day or night for a casual or dressy look. Elastic, one size fits all. 1 piece.

Color: light brown

*Color does not have to match one's hair perfectly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marcelina Heidenreich
Nice + Affordable

I hate spending over $20 on hair accessories that will all eventually fall apart. This headband is very nice and is affordable for my budget.

Bonnie Horn
Great Quality, Good Price

This braided headband is really good quality for the price. If you put it in the ziplock packaging they give you, it will keep it from snagging on other things in your drawer.

Rosemary Toy
Matches My Hair

This matches my hair so well that people think I braided my own hair and wrapped it to look like a headband.

Robbie Armstrong

This company makes high quality products that are affordable. This headband is an exampe.

Afton Reinger
A Classic For Sure

This is a headband I will have in my hair accessory drawer for ever as long as I don't destroy it in the meantime...LOL.