Loose Braidie Headband- Medium Brown

$ 12.99

Mia® Loose Braidie is a braided headband made out of synthetic wig hair with a loose waffling design. The braid is attached an adjustable elastic rubberband. The color does not have to match hair perfectly because Braidies are an accent to one's hair. Braidies are classic and timeless. They can be worn every day for a casual or dressy look. Adjustable, one size fits all. 1 piece.

Measures: 0.75 inches wide

Color: medium brown

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Garland Schneider
Very Nice Headband

This is a very nice braided headband that is very affordable too.

Jay Zulauf
Love this style

I have all of Mia Beauty's braided headbands. I really like this trendy waffled style. I think Mia Beauty was the first company to make other styles of synthetic braids. They seem to come up with all of the ideas and the other companies just copy them.

Waffle Braid

They call it loose but it is really a waffle braided headband. It matches my hair perfectly and looks like I braided my own hair.

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