Unbreakable Handheld + Hanging Mirror - Black

$ 14.99

Mia® Mirror is an UNBREAKABLE mirror made out of durable acrylic material. It can be handheld or hung on a wall. It has a slot for the hanging option. It is a very popular mirror for salons and hair stylists, but also for "at home" use.


Measures: 11 inches long x 7.5 inches wide

Mirror measures: 6 inches diameter

Weighs: 11 oz.

Color: black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Houston Dickinson
Must Have Mirror

This mirror is a must have item especially if you have kids.

Luke Barrows II
Great for Travel

This is the perfect mirror for travel because it does NOT break!

Lacy Collier
Good for Clumsy People Like Me

This is really good for people who are very clumsy and drop everything. That would be me! It is a real mirror and it really doesn't break when you drop it. Trust me I found out!!!

Abelardo Welch
So Cool

It is really cool that this mirror doesn't break and is a real mirror, not some distorted carnival mirror.

Tami Dietrich
Got 20 for Our Salon!

We got 20 of these for our salon. It makes the environment a little less stressful knowing that IF someone drops a mirror, it is not going to shatter all over kingdom come and possibly hurt someone. And nore more clean up either!

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