Silkies® - Brown

$ 6.99

Mia® Silkies® are hair ties/elastics made out of silicone material.  They last 10 times longer than traditional rubberbands because they are not heat or UV sensitive and will not become brittle over time. They are coated so that they will not tear or damage the hair. They work on all hair types. They come in a convenient zippered storage pouch. One size fits all. 10 pieces.


diameter: 2.0 inches

thickness: 0.125 inches

Color: brown

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brett Kshlerin
Great Ties. If You Like Scunci Ones Buy These Instead

These work great. I have thick hair that tends to slip out of the hair but these hold great. I bought these because I ran out of the Scunci brand ones and couldn't find any at the store. I now prefer these because the Scunci brand stamps their name on the band and they tend to break at those spots. These ties don't have that so they last longer. I think they are slightly bigger too but that works for my thicker hair.

Hope Streich
Best Elastics Ever

These are the best elastics ever. They will not disappoint!

Rina R
My Favorite Elastics

These are my favorite because they last and do not rip the hair out as much as the others out there.

Zoila Mueller

These are the best on the market. I have tried all of them.

Kip Beahan
Long Lasting Rubber Bands

These last a long time and are worth the cost. They don't break so I only buy more when I lose them.