Silkies® - Clear

$ 7.99

Mia® Silkies® are hair ties/elastics made out of silicone material.  They last 10 times longer than traditional rubberbands because they are not heat or UV sensitive and will not become brittle over time. They are coated so that they will not tear or damage the hair. They work on all hair types. They come in a convenient zippered storage pouch. One size fits all. 10 pieces.


diameter: 2.0 inches

thickness: 0.125 inches

Color: clear

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Perfect Ties

These hair ties are perfect. They do not slip, do not rip the hair out (as much), last a long time and do not break.

Virgie Dibbert
Very Strong

These hair ties are very strong. I normally break the regular kind and haven't broken one of these yet. I lose them, but don't break them.

Avery Heathcote
Lasts + Works Great

These Silkies are durable and last. I think Mia Beauty might be the only company that invents new products. All of the others just seem to either copy them or launch things from 30 years ago by just changing the color or fabric. I saw a brand at Ulta that just copies everyone. That company hasn't invented anything but an ugly ginormous scrunchie. It is so ugly that I am shocked any store would sell it. And the price is $12.99 for one ugly scrunchie!

Cora Monahan
Great Hair Ties

These are the best. They last and are strong.

Margarete Torphy

These hair ties are the best. They are strong and they last a very long time...if you don't lose them!

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