Tonytail® Ponytail Wrap - Light Brown

$ 8.99

The  Mia® Tonytail® is a ponytail wrap made out of synthetic wig hair on an elastic rubberband. It is an innovative and patented styling tool that creates the illusion of having wrapped hair around one's ponytail but without the hassle of using one's own hair, making a fuller and thicker looking ponytail. It is made out of synthetic wig hair that acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting one's own hair color.* The Tonytail is easy to use and is placed in the hair just like a regular rubberband. Just hold the hair piece and twist into hair so that the hair piece lands on top. The effect is classic and chic, perfect for any time of day, event, or occasion. The Tonytail is changing the world, one ponytail at a time!

Color: light brown

*Color does not have to match one's hair perfectly.

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Customer Reviews

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Nora Muller
For Our Dance Team

We purchase these Tonytails every year for our dance teams. I suggest getting 2 to 4 for each person because they do get a little tangled after each competition.

Maude Miller
Nice product

This is such a nice product. Thank you.

Michele Deeter
Pretty but small and delicate

I like these ponytail wraps. However, they look much larger than they actually are. I bought the braid and the non-braided synthetic hair ponytail wraps. I make them work.

Hailie Walter
Nice Service

I bought the medium brown color and the customer service person told me that I should purchase the light brown after sending her a photo my hair color. She sent me the light brown with my other purchase and she was right. My auburn hair is matches this light brown color.

Adrien Cartwright

This products makes it really easy for you to make a stylish ponytail in seconds.

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