Tonytail® Ponytail Wrap - Blonde

$ 7.99

The Mia® Tonytail® is a ponytail wrap made out of synthetic wig hair on an elastic rubberband. It is an innovative and patented styling tool that creates the illusion of having wrapped hair around one's ponytail but without the hassle of using one's own hair, making a fuller and thicker looking ponytail. It is made out of synthetic wig hair that acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting one's own hair color.*  The Tonytail is easy to use and is placed in the hair just like a regular rubberband. Just hold the hair piece and twist into hair so that the hair piece lands on top. The effect is classic and chic, perfect for any time of day, event, or occasion. The Tonytail is changing the world, one ponytail at a time!

 Color: blonde

*Color does not have to match one's hair perfectly.

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Customer Reviews

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Maya Dietrich
Great Invention

I wish I had thought of this idea. What a nice ponywrap for women. Most women don't like a bunch of accessories in their hair and rubberbands are ugly. This is the perfect solution!

Libbie Ruecker
Great product

This is a great product but it has a small learning curve to get the hair to be positioned right on top of my ponytail. I found that if i hold the hair part and wrap it around, it lands on top each time.

Paula Jelen
Need more colors

I liked the blonde color on the advertisement, however it is quite light. It would be nice if there were a wider selection of colors to choose from. Not everybody sits in a very light or very dark category. There are many shades in between. I’m a medium blonde and I was really disappointed when this blonde came. A lot of companies just assume that a light blonde color is going to match with EVERYbodys blonde hair and that’s absolutely not true. It fit well and it would’ve been lovely had it been the correct shade

Paula Jelen
Small band and blonde means LIGHT blonde

I would love for them to have a bit of a darker blonde available like a medium blonde and a dark blonde. They are catering to very light blondes. We have medium blondes and we have dark blondes. You would sell a boatload more of your product if you had a little bit of selection. The Tonytail ponytail holders are great if you do not have the care. Tonytail ponytail holders should come up with a selection that has LARGER SIZES and more COLOR SELECTIONS.

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