Tonytail® Ponytail Wrap - Blonde

$ 8.99

The Tonytail®, invented by Mia®, is a ponytail wrap made out of synthetic wig hair on an elastic rubber band. It is an innovative and patented styling tool that creates the illusion of having wrapped hair around one's ponytail but without the hassle of using one's own hair, making a fuller and thicker looking ponytail. It is made out of synthetic wig hair that acts like a mirror, picking up and reflecting one's own hair color.*  The Tonytail is easy to use and is placed in the hair just like a regular rubber band. Just hold the hair piece and twist into hair so that the hair piece lands on top. The effect is classic and chic, perfect for any time of day, event, or occasion. The Tonytail is changing the world, one ponytail at a time!

 Color: blonde

Measures (inches):

9.0 circumference

0.75 hair width

4.5 hair piece length

*Color does not have to match one's hair perfectly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jay Franecki MD
A Beauty

This ponytail wrap is a beauty!

Modesto Hilpert

This pony wrap looks so much better in the hair than an ugly old rubber band. I love it.

Cornelius Mueller
Great Product

You guys have great products!

Maverick Kiehn
Makes a Beautiful Looking Ponytail

Tonytail makes a beautiful looking ponytail without using your own hair. It is super easy to put in too. Just like a rubber band!

Kellye Springstead
Every Day Basic

This ponytail wrap can be worn every day. It matches my hair perfectly and I don't have to think about what to put in my hair each day. I have too many other things to think about when I wake out to search for a nice hair tie. I hate those telephone cords in the hair. They look so ridiculous.

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