And the Golden Globe for best hair accessory goes to.....

Posted: Jan 12 2017

We are exhausted from last night’s glamourous Golden Globe Awards and after parties, but as we all know, the Golden Globes, the first major Hollywood event of the new year, sets the stage for the upcoming hair trends that we will see throughout the year. Last night our patent pending Poofy Pony™ and patented Tonytails® won for “Best Hair Accessory Styling Tools” overall! Zoe Saldana, Thandie Newton, Chrissy Teigen, Sophia Vergara, Sienna Miller, Rami Malek’s wife rocked the red carpet with these ponytail styles.  Ponytails were the #1 hair style followed by side parts, top knots, buns, loose French twists, waterfalls, braided hair and long (and short) wavy hair.  It was so nice to see Mia® styling tools being used by the stylists. Poofy Pony™, Puffy Pony®, Tonytails®, The Little Black Bow®, Bun Ease®, Bend-a-Bun®, Waterfall Styler®, Ez Braider®, French Twisters® and Plastic Elastics with Cutter Tool™ were the hits of our line. If you want to be a fashion leader in the beauty industry these are the “must have items” for 2017!

 As we have forewarned, unfortunately women are NOT accessorizing their hair right now. As a result many have seen a drop in hair accessory sales. The current trend is all about “natural” looks and we didn’t see a single headband or barrette last night. The “natural” trend was also made evident with the many plunging necklines. The “Goldie Hawn” natural chest, seemed to be back and it was so refreshing to see women loving themselves (and their bodies) for who they are!

Happy new year to all of our fabulous customers! We hope 2017 brings good health, happiness and prosperity to you all!