Ez-Tease® Volumizing Inserts - Brown 2pc

$ 7.99

Mia® Ez-Tease® is the only volumizing tool that works! It is a lightweight insert that attaches to the hair with Grippit® material. Grippit is a Velcro® like material that will not damage the hair like Velcro. Simply part the hair, pull up, push Ez Tease into the hair and let hair fall over Ez Tease. Slide to remove. It is that easy. They can be placed on the sides of the head, stacked or placed side by side. Pins can be used but are not required to hold this product in place. 2 pieces.

Color: brown


Small: 3.5 inches long x 0.75 inches high

Medium: 4.5 inches long x .75 inches high

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Customer Reviews

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Loretta Fast
Perfect for hair that can’t hold teasing

My hair is like badger hair! It is coarse, thick and you’d think it would hold a light tease to add a bit if height to my crown—but rats just slide out. The Ez-Tease is my perfect solution. I love these so much because they are easy and fast and completely undetectable. I have a whole drawer full because I don’t want to be without!

Works Great

You guys come up with really great styling tools. These do the job great and stay in place without bobbypins! Thanks.

Jackie Becker
Great item

I am very happy with these volumizing inserts. They are a great item.

Works great

These inserts poof up my hair just the right amount. Be careful when removing because they can get tangled. Just slide them out.

Muhammad Schiller
Good Quality

Shipped so quickly thank you!