Wi-Tie® 40" Long - Black

$ 14.99

Mia® Wi Tie™ is a patent pending hair tie made out of faux leather. It has a hook on one end that can be attached to the hair, Bun Ease® or a rubber band. It has a wire inside so it can be bent + twisted into unlimited hair styles.  Wrap it around a ponytail, braid it, twist it through an updo or bun. It comes with 10 Mia® Plastic Elastics® but any Mia® rubber band will also fit. If it is too long, it can be cut with sharp scissors or wire cutters. Trim with caution.


40 inches long (101cm)

0.50 inches wide (1.27cm)

Color: black

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Customer Reviews

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Jaime Balistreri
Very Cool!

I love this ponytailer. It looks so cool in my hair and it holds my ponytail together really well. It is trendy too. It is a great product!

Lucius Klein

I love this new design and longer version. I had a hard time wrapping the rubber band around my hair when it was attached to the wire. Now I just put my hair in a ponytail first and hook the Wi-Ti to the rubber band. It makes it so much easier to use. Thank you.

Thanks for bringing it back!

I am so glad this is back in stock and I see you made it longer so I don't have to use 2 anymore. Thank you thank you Mia Beauty!