Holey Rollers™ 18 Piece Set

$ 12.99

Mia® Holey Rollers™ are non-electric, thermo-dynamically engineered hair curlers with holes for faster dry time. They are self gripping with minimal Velcro for less tearing and damage to the hair. There is an indent on each roller so that the hair can be placed down the center without a bobby pin indent. Holey Rollers are very popular for ethnic hair but work on all hair types. There are 18 rollers nested rollers in a zippered waterproof storage pouch: 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large. 

Color: black, red, white

Each measures: 2.25 inches long


1.0 inches -  small

1.5 inches -  medium

2.0 inches - large

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Customer Reviews

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Baby fine Cosmo girl!
Best Rollers!

I have used velcro roller on my fine thin hair which caused hair damage over time.
The Holey Rollers work perfect for fine thin hair… I do use bill clip to help hold in place. I normal blow dry hold head then place rollers in hair , then give a quick hot hair shot, put on make up ,,, then hair is ready to style…i have been using these rollers for years and I need a set for Salon.

Lorna Claveau

Love these rollers . . . they are so much easier on my hair than the velcro rollers I had been using (caused way too much breakage on my baby fine hair). Just wish they could be sold "separately" as I only use the one large size. And like people are saying, my hair dries so fast!!!

Dries Fast

These let your hair dry a lot faster than regular rollers.

Eliza P
Hair Dries Fast

My hair dries so much faster with these HOLEY rollers!

Great Idea + Cute Name

These have holes so your hair actually dries, and I love the name!