Delta™ Foam Nail Files Isosceles - pink

$ 9.99

Mia® Delta™ Files are patented foam fingernail files. They have an isosceles triangular shape that is ergonomic + easy to hold. The edges are angled so it is much easier to get under + around the nails when filing.  There are 4 files included in a convenient zippered storage pouch.

Features + Benefits:

  • angled to reach under + around the nails
  • ergonomic + easy to hold
  • large surface area
  • unique + new
  • patented

Color: pink

Measures:  4.0 inches long x 1.25 wide x 1.0 wide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My new favorite nail file!!

This is my new favorite nail file! The design makes it easy to hold and gives more surface area for filing compared to other nail files. The pack of four files are nicely packaged in a zipper pouch that is perfect for storing the files or throwing in your purse for an on the go pack to have when needed.

Sheri Simmons
Wow! This product makes filing your nails easy and fun!

I love this new file. It is incredibly easy to hold and manipulate. I can now comfortably file my nails for hours if I so desired. I plan to recommend this product to all of my friends and even my nail professional. Sheri S.