Bobby Pin - Mane Statement® - BOSS

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Mia® Mane Statement® is a fashionable bobby pin, hair pin that makes a statement. It is a super chic hair accessory that is trending social media. Use it to pull back hair or bangs, wear it in an updo or bun or with a ponytail. Tell the world what you think without saying a word. Mix and match words to create unlimited hair styles and designs. 1 piece.

Measures: 2.75 inches long

Color: silver metal with clear rhinestones


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Customer Reviews

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Gerard Spencer
Perfect for me!

I am called the BOSS at home so this is perfect for me lol.

Curtis Farrell
Perfect Since I AM the Boss

This bobby pin is so cute. I wear it around the house to be sure my big family knows who is the boss lol!

For my Mom

I got this for my mom for mother's day. We call her the Boss of the House so it is perfect for her.

Golda Hammes
Got 10!

We bought 10 of these bobby pins for our dance team. It goes with their routine!

Bernadette McDermott
I am the BOSS

I wear this in my house to be sure my husband and kids know who is the boss of the house lol!