Sqhair Pins™ - Brown

$ 9.99

Mia® Sqhair Pins™ are "square" shaped bobby pins that hold more hair than small tipped regular bobby pins. They work great in long and/or thick hair. They are used for buns, chignons, updos, and French Twists.  The square end makes a straight line when in a French Twist. They come in a re-usable waterproof zippered storage pouch. 12 pieces. 

Measures: 2.5 inches long

Color: brown


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Customer Reviews

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Best hair pins for thick hair

I absolutely love these pins! My daughter is a competitive dancer and has very long thick hair . These are amazing ! I can use less pins and the Hair is more secure. The design helps then to curve to the head and makes them much more comfortable for her . Highly recommend !

Best Hair Pins!!

I bought the sqhair pins for my 15 year old daughter. They are AMAZING! She has long thick hair and these sqhair pins held her hair in bun perfectly! She said they are the best hair pins she's used!

sarah Lampleu
Best hairpins!!!

I have very thick long hair and these are great for holding my buns I have to do for dance competitions! They stay in all day long and don't move at all, even when I am flipping and turning. I definetly recommend!!!

Nécole Elizer
Longtime Dance Mom-Highly Recommend

My title says it all! I’m a long time dance mom and you will not regret this purchase! Useful for various dance hairstyles, including buns, simply the BEST hold in the industry. You will love your Mia Beauty patented square pins, I promise !

Holds A Lot

These hold a lot of hair due to the shape at the end.

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