Holey Rollers™ 18 Piece Set

$ 12.99

Mia® Holey Rollers™ are non-electric, thermo-dynamically engineered hair curlers with holes for faster dry time. They are self gripping with minimal Velcro for less tearing and damage to the hair. There is an indent on each roller so that the hair can be placed down the center without a bobby pin indent. Holey Rollers are very popular for ethnic hair but work on all hair types. There are 18 rollers nested rollers in a zippered waterproof storage pouch: 6 small, 6 medium, 6 large. 

Color: black, red, white

Each measures: 2.25 inches long


1.0 inches -  small

1.5 inches -  medium

2.0 inches - large

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Terrence Bogan
Hair Dries Fast

My hair dries so much faster with these HOLEY rollers!

Great Idea + Cute Name

These have holes so your hair actually dries, and I love the name!

Keely Schinner
Dries Hair A LOT Faster

These rollers with holes dry my hair a lot faster than velcro rollers. I think the holes allow for the air to flow through better than material wrapped over the entire roller. Thank you for another great product.

Georgette Williamson
Nice Set of Rollers

I like these a lot. The colors are nice and the holes make it so the hair dries faster.

Ethnic Product

I am sure these can be used by anyone but they are great for ethnic hair because they have less Velcro attached. Velcro is really bad for out sensitive and fragile hair. It breaks it off.

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