Padded Silk Headband - Black

$ 14.99

Mia Padded Headband is made out of beautiful silk material. It gives a trendy elevated style. It has a velvet, no-slip lining on the interior. It can be worn any time of the day or night for casual wear or dress up. Padded headbands are a popular hair trend as seen on all of our favorite celebrities. One size fits all.

Measures: 1.25 inches wide

Color: black

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fritz Crooks

This is black so you can't go wrong. It is a classic!

Velva Brakus
On Trend

It took me a while to get used to the padded headband look but now I don't like flat headbands. Mia Beauty make theirs the perfect height too. They are not too tall and not too short.

Zackary Marvin
Trendy but Basic

This is trendy so I got black color so it would last and be a basic item too. I love it.

Aylin Lang
It's So IN!

I don't even feel comfortable wearing flat headbands anymore. These padded ones puff up just enough to be trendy and classic.

J. Davitsky
Good quality product

Mia really does make good quality products. I don't shop anywhere else anymore. They always give me a free gift and really great packaging.

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