Multipurpose Headband - Camoflage

$ 14.99

Mia® Multipurpose Headband is a hair accessory with over 10 functions. It can be worn as a headwrap, face mask, beanie cap, neck scarf, ponytail holder scrunchie, headscarf, wristband and more. Some can even wear it as a tube top or skirt. It is made out of super soft stretchy material. It has a fashionable and chic animal leopard print. The headband comes in a convenient clear zippered storage pouch. One size fits all. 1 piece.

Measures: 18 inches long x 9.5 inches wide (19" circumference)

Color: Olive green, pine green, black + white


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Hans Kuvalis
Many Uses

I love this headband. It has so many uses.

Jacky Walker
Love this option

I hate being forced to wear a mask and they do not work anyway. SO this is a nice option to pull down and use as a mask when I have to.

Trace Gerhold
I hate Masks!

This is so much better than an ugly cloth mask that doesn't work.

Brandi Heidenreich
Lots of Uses!

It has a lot of uses! It's not just a headband or mask.

Jarvis Kovacek
No MORE Masks!

I am so glad I used this as a mask instead of the other cloth ones that do not work. Now that the mandate is being lifted, I have a real product that I can use. Thanks Mia Beauty!

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