Bling String® - Hologram Red + Silver

$ 9.99

Mia® Bling String® is sparkly hair tinsel on a convenient and easy to measure spool. There are 2 colors, 2 spools and 10 clips. Each spool contains approximately 250 feet of Bling String. There is enough Bling String for approximately 300 applications. Cut off desired length and tie to one strand of hair near scalp.  It is great for dress up, parties, weddings, New Year's Eve, sporting events, Halloween, dance or as an "add-on" service in beauty salons. It works on all hair types. Great for women and girls of all ages. As Seen On TV.

Measures: 500 feet total

Color: red and silver

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Customer Reviews

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Best Hair Tinsel

This is the best because they actually thought it through and put it on a convenient spool! Thank you for thinking outside the box!

Bling It In Fan

I have been using your Bling String for a long time. Everyone could use a little more sparkle.

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