Super Clamp® Medium - Striped

$ 7.99

Mia Super Clamp is the strongest clamp on the market! This must-have hair accessory is made with a super strong spring to hold the thickest or thinnest hair in place all day long. The Super Clamp is specially designed with a contour shape for comfort and a hidden spring for a more beautiful look.

Measures: 3.0 inches long x 2.5 inches wide

Color: black and white

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Thumbs Up

Looks good. Lots of compliments.

Natalie Olivo
Perfect Design and Design

After 2 years without a haircut (thanks to Covid), my baby fine, super fly away prone hair is longer than it has ever been. I have been struggling with finding ways to keep it out of my face but have found that most clips require being redone or adjusted all day long. These mid-size clips from Mia are the only thing I've found that actually hold my hair in place for the entire day. Another brand of clip that is made in France is (surprisingly) not nearly as well made and does not stay in place as well. Mia's work so much better with my fine hair. Besides staying put, these clips are much more comfortable when worn in a car or other seat where your head touches the back. The curved shape conforms to your head. They don't stick out like traditional hair clamps so they don't poke into the headrest which then forces sharp edges into your scalp. Ouch!

Danielle Firmino
Bought All Styles

I bought one to try it out a few months ago. I came back to buy all of the colors they have. You will not regret this purchase.

Great Hair Clip

This is really a great hair clip. You must try it.

Amy Glade
Great item

This is really a great hair clamp. I highly recommend it.