Super Clamp® Large - Black Floral Print

$ 14.99

Mia® Super Clamp is the strongest clamp on the market! This must-have hair accessory is made with a super strong spring to hold the thickest or thinnest hair in place all day long. The Super Clamp is specially designed with a contour shape for comfort and a hidden spring for a prettier look. This large size works best in long and/or thick hair.

Measures: 4.0 inches long x 3.0 inches wide

Color: black floral + rhinestones

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect for my hair

I have fine, long hair but it's thick. I'm always searching for the perfect hair updo clip and this is it! Previously, I used another large clip but the teeth were fragile and would always break off. This clip is large enough to hold my hair casually on top of my head but it holds it there firmly. The teeth are very sturdy so they don't break (so far). From the moment I first used it; I knew I loved it!

Wendy B
My favorite hair clamp

I had bought this type of clamp (and loved it!) at a beauty salon that has now closed. I don't know the brand of clamp; it isn't on the clamp itself. It's the only type of clamp that will hold my long thick hair in a bun. I always use the large size.
The Mia super clamp looks just like the previously purchased ones, except the spring is not as strong, it feels looser; I fear my hair will slip out of it's bun more easily. But so far, so good!

Christine Morgan

Prefer 1 size larger for extra thick long hair

Super Clamp® Large - Black Floral Print


Jett Ankunding
I love these clamps

The jaw clamps are the best. I love them and the large size is much better for my hair type. Thank you,