Super Clamp® - Navy Blue

$ 7.99

Mia Super Clamp is the strongest clamp on the market! This must-have hair accessory is made with a super strong spring to hold the thickest or thinnest hair in place all day long. The Super Clamp is specially designed with a contour shape for comfort and a hidden spring for a more beautiful look.

Measures: 3.0 inches long x 2.5 inches wide

Color: navy blue, white

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A great mothers' day gift

My mum has been looking for this particular kind of hair clamp for *years* now. Even in Europe she couldnt find them. They are the only kind she wears. She had only one left that was broken, so you could imagine her excitement when I found this store. I got her a few different styles and she loves them all. This is a great product!

Mia Super Clamps are the Ultimate Best!

I have really long, thick hair, and the Super Clamps available from Mia allow me to pile all that thick hair on top of my head. No other clamps have worked this well for me. The spring mechanism is really strong, and the clamps are also very pretty. Thank you, Mia!

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